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To ensure high-quality services to customers in various industries, the real "customer service, the user is responsible for customer satisfaction," the purpose, we Qingdao Huatai boiler thermoelectric Equipment Co. customers solemnly promise:
First, "to create the perfect quality, challenging world famous", all the staff under the guidance of this principle, to comply with and effectively run in accordance with ISO9000 standard system, and in practice, constantly improve and strengthen the quality of measures to improve the process, the use of new technologies new materials and testing tools, strengthen staff training, to take effective measures, in strict accordance with national standards, industry standards and technical conditions stipulated in the contract production and testing to ensure that substandard products not manufactured.
Second, the company to adhere to the "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law" commitment to product quality requirements and obligations of producers.
Third, to ensure that provide users with high-quality pre-sales, service, shelf life after service.
Pre-sale: free for users detailed product performance and usage requirements, providing relevant technical documentation, good staff. With the Institute, provided the boiler drawings, technical information.
Sale: time, quality, boiler equipment to the user-specified site to help users improve the installation and commissioning work.
Aftermarket: Under normal circumstances the user 12 months and lifetime maintenance. After; (in the correct usage, damaged instruments, valves, spare parts and other faults in the normal use of the equipment appeared), received user requirements to resolve product issues arise in use, the quality of fault notification occurs when the guarantee period make clear answer within one hour, For to the scene to solve the problem, ensure that within 6 hours (time based on the distance the user location) to send professional and technical personnel rushed to the scene and give solve the problem.
After warranty service: After the warranty period, the company provide users with free technical service and support, and timely dispatch service and technical staff to help users deal with problems and failures occur during use, such as the replacement of auxiliary equipment and spare parts, etc. I only charge the cost of fees, free of service charges.
Fourth, the company's products will be implemented "three guarantees", the product of "three guarantees" period in question are indeed quality, strict compliance with the provisions of the contract liability, and provide certification of the product at the time of delivery, product brochures. More than "three guarantees" period of product, ensure the provision of repair parts and in accordance with user requirements, to do service work.
Five, according to user needs for technical training operation and maintenance personnel, focusing on the quality of the user tracking. Free for users with technical training services. Regular user visits, continue to collect information on users of the product, continue to improve product performance, improve product quality.
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